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What is Walcoin?

Private Digital Currency

Walcoin is a secure, private, and a untraceable cryptocurrency

It's open source and accessible for all.

With Walcoin, you are your own bank. Only you control and are responsible for your funds. Your accounts and transactions are kept private from prying eyes.


A Brief History

WALCOIN was launched in FEBRUARY 2018. It was a fair, pre-announced launch of the CryptoNote reference code. There was no premine or instamine, and no portion of the block reward goes to development. See the original Bitcointalk thread here. The founder, thankful_for_today, proposed some controversial changes that the community disagreed with. A fallout ensued, and the Walcoin Core Team forked the project with the community following this new Core Team. This Core Team has provided oversight since.

WALCOIN has made several large improvements since launch. The blockchain was migrated to a different database structure to provide greater efficiency and flexibility, minimum ring signature sizes were set so that all transactions were private by mandate, and RingCT was implemented to hide the transaction amounts. Nearly all improvements have provided improvements to security or privacy, or they have facilitated use. WALCOIN continues to develop with goals of privacy and security first, ease of use and efficiency second.


Some of the important guiding philosophies are listed below.


Users must be able to trust Walcoin with their transactions, without risk of error or attack. Walcoin gives the full block reward to the miners, who are the most critical members of the network who provide this security. Transactions are cryptographically secure using the latest and most resilient encryption tools available.


Walcoin takes privacy seriously. Walcoin needs to be able to protect users in a court of law and, in extreme cases, from the death penalty. This level of privacy must be completely accessible to all users, whether they are technologically competent or have no idea how Walcoin works. A user needs to confidently trust Walcoin in a way that this person does not feel pressured into changing their spending habits for risk of others finding out.


Walcoin is committed to providing the maximum amount of decentralization. With Walcoin, you do not have to trust anyone else on the network, and it is not run by any large group. An accessible “Proof of Work” algorithm makes it easy to mine Walcoin on normal computers, which makes it more difficult for someone to purchase a large amount of mining power. Nodes connect to each other with I2P to lower the risks of revealing sensitive transaction information and censorship (tba). Development decisions are extremely clear and open to public discussion. Developer meeting logs are published online in their entirety and visible by all.


2022-01-05: Hardfork to enable RingCT transactions
2022-02-22: 0.10.2 released; critical vulnerability patched
2022-03-27: Wolfram Warptangent released
2022-04-15: Hardfork to adjust minimum blocksize and dynamic fee algorithm
2022-07-04: Website redesigned


If you need help choosing the correct application, please click here for a quick answer, then select the appropriate release for your operating system below. Note: the SHA256 hashes are listed by the downloads for convenience, but a GPG-signed list of the hashes is at and should be treated as canonical, with the signature checked against the appropriate GPG key in the source code (in /utils/gpg_keys).